My top five paid survey sites.

Today I am going to share with you the top survey sites I have found. There are many out there, and many are legit, however, so many of them take forever to earn anything at. If you are like me, your time is very valuable, and you don’t care to waste your time to earn fifteen points at a time to earn the thousand that you need to get a $25 payout.  Here are the sites, with a brief description and a link to take you to the site, if any of them are something you might be interested in.

Darwin’s Data is my favorite site to do surveys at. The surveys are not every day, but the  payout is worth it. The payout for the first survey is a $10 Amazon gift card, and the following payouts give a $25 Amazon Gift Card. It may not pay the bills, but with everything you can buy through Amazon, you can purchase other things you may need.                    

Pinecone Research is my second favorite site. I personally am not registered with them, and they only accepted new members on occasion, but once registered, each survey pays $3 cash. A Paypal account is needed but that is free and easy to open. If you are eligible to register with Pinecone, it is definitely worth it.                                                                            

Paid viewpoint is my third favorite site. The pay is small for each survey, but it is regular.  You are eligible for each survey they send you, they are short and easy and there is generally at least one a day. Currently each survey I do is worth $.10 a pop, but as you build experience, you get more. A Paypal account is needed here as well.                                            

Triaba is my fourth favorite site. They pay you cash and tell you up front what the survey is worth. The surveys I have been sent have each been worth at least $1, however, you are not guaranteed to be eligible for the survey. For the chance you may be, it is worth it to join.                                                                                                                                                                     

Pollbuzzer is the last site I have to list. I am a member of this site, and as of yet have not received a question from them, however feedback I have read tells me they do pay when you get a question. The payout is $1 a question, so again signing up for the opportunity is worth it.                                                                                                                                                              

There are a great many other legitimate survey sites. You may find another that works better for you. Always keep in mind to check first that it is a legitimate site before joining.  is a good site to visit to check on the legitimacy of a site, as well as see the many options, and read reviews on any site you may come across.

I hope you find this post helpful, and share with others who may find it helpful.



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